Best Homemade Cleansing Lotion For All Skin

Everyone knows that cleansing is a very important step in skin care process. Proper cleansing can improve your beauty and overall appearance. Daily cleansing is very useful for skin because of removing the dirt, air pollution, bacteria, sweat, and excess of oil and promotes the circulation in healthy way. It is fact that an active cleansing practice daily will be helpful to balance your skin. Different people have different skin type but all skin types need cleansing practice twice a day. Beauty specialist found it best thing to get ideal skin. Cleansing in the morning is very important because it throws out the toxic products while you sleep.


Cleansing lotions are the lotions which prevents your skin from additional oil, dirt and dusty germs. With the removing dirt and unwanted particles, it removes the traces of makeup too. Cleansing lotions go deeply into the pores of your skin and remove unwanted and waxy based particles. Cleansing lotions are the best option in the season of winter when air is dry and make skin dry. There are a lot of options for making best homemade cleansing lotions. You can make easily with the help of natural ingredients which are usually available in kitchen. Make sure that the cleansing lotion should be applied in the circular motion. Cleansing is very effective for giving you best skin. Keep in mind that always starts the cleansing from your hands because these are the major part to transfer the germs to your face. Cleansed hands prevent the relocation of germs to your face. Always start the application of the cleansing cream from forehead and then apply the cleansing cream over face, lips, chin and neck. Massage your skin gently in circular motion. The best cleansing cream is that which clean the skin without stripping you natural fatty oils and protect your skin. Keep in mind that the beauty products available in market can damage your skin and give you worst effects. So use the homemade ingredients for cleansing. We do not know what are secret behind these cleansing lotions available in market, yet it is very important to include skin cleansing in your routine. You can also make the cleansing lotion at home with kitchen ingredients. We are sure that the homemade cleansing lotion is best for all skin types. Here we are showing you that how you can make best cleansing lotions at home by using simple kitchen ingredients.

Milk Cleansing Lotion:

You know that milk is the best and effective natural ingredient for the skin to get freshness. It is best to get glow on face. Milk is good for all skin types. The cleansing lotion making process is given below. You can follow it and apply on face to get best results.

Method Lotion:

Take a half cup of milk in bowl and add half tea spoon of salt. Now take cotton ball and soak it in milk and gently apply all over forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then gently rub in the circular motion. Wash it off carefully with warm water. Salt is best to exfoliate the dead skin and milk is best to nourish the skin.

Yogurt Cleansing Lotion:

Yogurt is best to remove the additional unwanted particles on skin. It acts as an effective cleanser to apply on skin. Take two table spoons in a bowl and add 1 ½ table spoon lemon juice. Apply it on your face for 3 to 5 minutes and gently rub with soft fingers and then wash it off.

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