Different 5 Best Mens Haircut Short Sides long Top

Men are equally conscious about their looks as women. Fashion keeps on changing and thus the way of styling hair also change. Sometimes men prefer to keep long hair while other time they want short ones. Here are some men hairstyles with short sides and long top.

Mens Haircut Short Sides With Bangs

  1. Short Sides  With  Bangs:

This is an amazing style to carry with shaved sides and back. Only the thin center line at top has long hair which could be swept side ways to make the hairstyle. For this type of styling apply gel on the hair and all the hair forward. It will make a puffy look at top. Now seep the hair at front towards right side. These men’s hairstyle short sides long top will best suit the men with big forehead as the hair swept at front will cover the forehead minimizing it.

Men's Mohawk Haircut Styles

  1. Mohawk Mens Haircut:

Mohawk is funky hairstyle that is much liked by teenage boys. For this hairstyle you need a hair cut in which sides are shaved perfectly and the hair in the center up till the nape are kept long.  Once you got the hair cut style it by applying hair gel and comb hair upwards to give them height. This will form a beautiful design at the center of your head. This is a casual hairstyle and can be carry with informal dressing like with baggy jeans.

Men's Sleek Bangs Haircut



  1. Sleek Bangs Mens Haircut:


Bangs look good on the faces with prominent and wide cheek bones as it makes the face cut look prominent. Sleek bangs can be done by the men with straight hair or those who do not have straight hair can do so with heat iron. This style needs a sides cut closer to the head while top is much longer in length. Hair at front should touches the eyelid on parting. Apply pomade to the hair for shine to give a sleek look then part the hair from one side and comb all the hair neatly to give a smooth look.

Mens Haircut Textured Top High Fade



  1. Textured Top Men’s Haircut:

Those who want highly textured hair can try this hairstyle. It will give you a formal look to carry with the formal dressing. Keep the sides short but top should be not much lengthy. Apply gel and style the hair with fingers by throwing some of the hair on forehead and lifting hair on top upwards to make spikes.

Mens Haircut Spiked Top

  1. Spiked Top Men’s Haircut:

This men’s hairstyle short side long top is done by having a haircut with short sides but not shaved and long hair at the top. Style the hairstyle by applying sufficient amount of gel to make spiky look at the top. Use fingers to make spikes of the hair at front. This will form a crown like look when viewed from front. This style suits the men with round face as it will give height to the head making your face look elongated.

These men’s hairstyles short sides long top will give you variety of ways to style hair differently at different occasions.

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