Watch & Learn How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup Professionally

Makeup is something every girl loves to do; it’s actually a birth right for every lady throughout the world, no matters which part of the world she belongs, what is her religion, which color complexion she carries with her… eye makeup defines what your eye texture, your mode and your natural look is. If you know how to apply eye makeup properly it is very useful, it is very useful skill that will help you at various moments of your life. Knowing how to apply eye makeup properly is a key to impress others and getting yourself ready and show you confidently in front of the world. Second most wanted and main reason why most of the girls want to cover up their eyes with eye makeup is because of irritating black dark circles under the eyes. I will today tell you the best ways to cover up your eyes with makeup in a professional way, mostly all these problems of dark circles and all are related teen agers who have just start doing makeup and don’t have too much knowledge about makeup and all so today I will give you easy and best tips and techniques about How to apply eye makeup professionally for beginners.


Covering Dark Circles:

So considering our topic related eye makeup techniques for beginners we should start from under eye dark spots, which are too much irritating and making our whole face looks ugly for covering them up we should take small amount of orange tinted primer or concealer and same quantity of beige tinted concealer and mix them equally and properly and apply under eyes, make sure that the shade which has been made up by mixing 2 shades of primer or concealer should match your skin tone.

Selection of  Brushes:

And now moving straight up to eyes, so if you want to tone up your eyes like the professionals. Do nothing important but buy a set of professional eye makeup brush kit. So it’s necessary to buy a good quality brush kit once because according to professionals tools and make up products which you are using are equally important to the makeup skills and training you have.

Mixing of Products For Long Lasting of Makeup:

So moving on with another tip we shall start with mixing of foundation and concealer together… now you ask what it does, this mixing of concealer and foundation is one of the key of professional eye makeup, by mixing both of these products you have a thick and matching tone of shade which you can apply on your eye lid before you start doing the shades, it helps your makeup to stay for long time and gives a complete look.

Fix your Eye Shape:

starting up to eye makeup you should start up with recognizing your eye shape, when you are able to consider straightly what your eye shape is you will be get over one more technique which professionals use, by knowing your eye shape you will find this work easy and fast to apply makeup on your eye according to your eye type and shape.

Define Your Eye by Using Black:

just the same way you highlight and conceal your face doing makeup, try this with your eyes while you are trying to do fast and easy makeup on. Always make sure that you are doing proper pencil on your eye brow which gives a neat and heavy look, moving on next to eye lashes always use good quality wide brush mascara and use it in frizzing you hand that will give a volume look, and about highlighting your eye use good quality wax kajal pencil starting it from inner eye lid ending up in a straight manner without stopping your hand to the outer lid, this will give your eye a prominent and shiny effect. Most important thing for doing professional eye makeup is stop using low quality and wrong eye liner, either you are using the powder or a pencil or even liquid eye liner always make sure you are applying on to your upper lid attaching the pencil or brush with your lash line and in a continues motion.

Choosing and Blending of Color:

choosing the color for your eye makeup you just have to start up with the opposite hue with your eye color and secondly always use dark and light neutral hues on eyes. Talking about blending all the colors always start up with the nose side corner of eye ending up to another corner blending all the colors properly and nicely.

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