How To Highlight and Contour With Makeup

The makeup experts know the real tricks about contouring. This is fact that contouring is a secret of makeup to make your look pop and glow. With high cheeks bones and small nose with glowing face looks awesome and give perfect look. With the contouring, we think that this is natural look but it is just makeup. Yes, this is right. This is just a perfect makeup with perfect contouring. To achieve natural beautiful look, you need to read this article about contouring and highlight your beauty. Here are the best and easy to learn contouring tricks to highlighting your makeup and natural look. Through this article, you will learn everything about contouring and highlighting in beautiful and perfect way. So go ahead and read this full article.

How To Highlight and Contour With Makeup:

How To Highlight and Contour With Makeup

How To Highlight and Contour With Makeup

Apply Foundation:

Apply foundation on face as you normal apply. Choose right tool of makeup for applying foundation in right way. Foundation is required under your contouring to highlight your perfect natural features and beauty. Foundation provide gives you a base of your face and a coverage. Make sure that you are comfortable with your skin and then apply contouring product. Keep in your mind, if you are doing contouring with liquid products then it is necessary to apply foundation base to get perfect look. If you are doing contour your face with powder then you might be apply powder base.

Always start with your make with concealer and foundation and then you can do contouring and highlighting in proper way.

Select Lighter Foundation Color:

Choose a light color shade of foundation than your skin. It will help you to highlight your look. For applying lighter color of foundation, it is best to use sponge and start from your center of forehead. Move down from the center of your nose and apply it in good way. Continue to apply in the right above your lips and go with the outer edge of your eyes and then underneath your eyes. Apply it in widening manner to cover the outer edge of your nose and balance it on both sides.

Doing Accurate Contouring:

Use bronzer in tow shades to get normal skin. Now start your contouring.

  • Dip the brush in contouring product and then find the hollows of your both cheeks sides. Blend it well and slightly upwards a bit.
  • Now this is time to make your forehead smaller. Apply the bronzer on the arch of your eyebrows blend it well. Do it in the both sides of your forehead. Blend it outwards carefully.
  • Now this is time to hide your double chin. Apply bronzer on your jaw line and apply it in a line all along your bottom jaw line. Apply it close to your neck and blend it downwards towards your neck to get natural look.
  • Make your nose smaller in natural way. Draw bronzer on both sides of your nose and connect both lines at the tip and give a ā€œUā€ shape. Apply well and blend well and get smaller look.
  • Now blend everything and make natural connection to get complete and perfect look. Draw all the things along the three sides of your face.


Get your highlighting concealer and apply it under your eyes. Apply it at your inner corners of your eyes and go down to your nose. Blend it with your blending brush. The next thing is to do that go all the way to your temples. Through highlighting process, highlight you inner section of your face. Through this, your face seems brighter and fuller.

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